We are still carrying out essential works on assets with additional safety measures.

Non Destructive Hardened Concrete Testing

NDT Hardened Concrete Testing Without Destruction of the Tested Part

HTA's NDT Concrete Testing process evaluates Hardened Concrete for differences in characteristics without destroying the tested part.  We at HTA ensure that the part can still be used upon completion of the inspection or test.

Visual, general and principal testing of concrete structures, highways & non-highways

For almost 20 years, HTA has successfully carried out numerous Non Destructive (NDT) Hardened Concrete Tests to highways, non-highways and concrete structures across the UK.

This has included Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity Testing to both highway related and non-highway related.

Concrete Testing at Brent Cross - HTA

Concrete tests undertaken:

  • Visual
  • Crack
  • Delamination (Hammer Tap)
  • Covermeter
  • Half-cell potential
  • Resisitivity
  • Linear Polarisation readings
  • Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity (PUNDIT)
  • Carbonation depth
  • Extraction of dust / core samples for laboratory analysis

Henderson Thomas Associates Clients

We have carried out Concrete Testing for many clients across the country.  Here are a few of those who we have successfully completed tests for:

Client Structure Location
Pell Frischmann Brent Cross Flyover London
Royal Haskonning DHV The Radome Clee Hill
Waterman Group Cantilever Structure Canada Water