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Masonry Wall Tie Surveys

Detection, Investigation and if requested Installation

HTA use specialised equipment to non intrusively detect Wall Ties.

We carefully remove masonry units to expose the Wall Ties and visually survey the condition and embedment depth plus check for correct installation. The removed masonry is re-installed to visually reduce the impact of the inspection.

How we test Wall Ties at HTA

HTA use the latest equipment to locate Wall Ties and our full test includes:

  • Non Destructive location of ties
  • Careful removal of Masonry
  • Visual Inspection of condition
  • Visual Inspection of embedment
  • Visual Inspection of Wall Tie Installation
  • Check correct Wall Tie has been used
  • Removed Masonry carefully re-attached

HTA also determines whether the correct Wall Ties have been used and can install all missing Wall Ties.